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A marmoset,
does not fit on ur finger
forever only
as a baby,
they can reach a pound.

Is it legal where u live?
Is there a vet that treats monks where u r?
Can u afford $100 a month on food, diapers?
Clean there cage once a day,
they get smelly,
bath time isn’t easy.
Do u have good patients?
They can piss me off,
but I have to keep my cool,
u must be young so how will you handle school, friends and a monkey?

Monkeys take a lot of work.
There schedule:
I wake up at 11 am,
make they breakfast
marmoset diet, special low iron formula),
I eat,
take them to monkey proof room which includes
a kitty condo,
wood trees,
a tv and chairs for me,

I do some virtual school,
feed them again at 3 pm
(fruits like kiwi,
then we chill
I finger wrestle them,
they lick up my nose
which kills after a while,
I feed again at 7 pm
(plain noodles and
hard boiled egg)
then my mom comes home to give me a break,

I feed them again at 10:30
(same as breakfast)
then at 11 they know its bed time and go
to there cages which are full of
ropes etc.
If its warm and sunny I will take
them for walks,
they need sunlight or uvb light
for At least an hour a day
so there bones are healthy.
I change there diapers every 30-60 mins.
They get mealworms 3 times a week
and get 15 worms each.

In the wild they chew trees
to get SAP
so be prepared for
ur wood furniture
and doors
to get chewed.

As babies they need around the clock care.
Feedings every 2-4 hours,
heating pad,
and to be held a lot for bonding.
And you need an exotic vet,
not one that works
with dogs and cats

On the marmosetmom website go
to available monks and call him,
great healthy

Source(s): 15 yrs old, home schooled, monkey mom


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