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I’m trying to resist the urge to begin every blog entry with some comment on how long it’s been since I posted the last one. It’s starting to feel redundant.

So I’ve been kind of thinking about this term “new sincerity.” By “kind of” I mean that I’ve just been thinking about the words themselves and what they, paired, might constitute as far as I can conceive of it for myself. I have done almost no research into how this term is being used widely, which on the one hand is sort of intellectually reckless, but on the other serves a particular purpose for me in that I’m actually trying to build a practice in my work, not adhere to some externally created genre, and for me, for now, the term “new sincerity” feels useful, and I don’t want to confuse it with an active discourse I may or may not want any part in.

This is an email that I wrote to a friend who does know things about “new sincerity” as it’s used in contemporary poetic discourse. I blacked out portions that were too revealing, either of myself or others. I also just like the way the blacked out parts look.

new sincerity


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