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As is common I’ve not written a blog in awhile. It’s Interational Women’s Day, so it seems like as good a reason as any to write a blog post.

How is it that we still live in a culture where it’s necessary to have a “International Women’s Day?”

How is it that the global culture is such that women all over the globe are supposed to always assume that they are under threat of attack, and that if they are indeed attacked they are at least in some small part responsible for said attack by not being better prepared for it?

Why do strangers still think it’s acceptable to approach me on the street to tell me that I’m disgusting for having body hair?

Why do you call me names when I don’t want to talk to you at the bus stop/bar? Why assume that a woman alone is just waiting for someone to come talk to her?

Why is it my job to explain to you why you’re fucked up?


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