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manifest press

You are mucking it up with your outreach
and vessel teeming with hopeful
and gleaming objects whose refractions
reflected the glint of the wires
stretched tight between her hands.

As she spread them across her face
cupped her face in them
hid her eyes with them
with those who striped their skin
each time an undercurrent pushes
towards the outreach framing the lens for the viewer.

Vastness again.
Seeing the strings of tiny islands
dotting the horizon of her brow.
Oh my, I couldn’t stop staring.

In the end it was fine — the middle
where things simultaneously begin.
This is to say we are at the middle
but just beginning.

In the evening, the neighboring yard
was filled with baggy-jeaned serious talkers.
Topics included:
* the social construction of mental health
* your childhood obsessions
*wineries of the Oregon coast
*easier routes through difficult terrain

That proved to lead nowhere of significance, either.
It would start to come apart when
the day was at its end. Oh – the beginning again –

this begins with a stone
or a reflection
or something fossilized and yet to be found
both trying to be hard.

(written by Shaina Fay, Kate Robinson, Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, Leah Jacobs, Cheena Marie Lo, and Matt Johnson; line/stanza breaks by Kate Robinson)


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