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louise nevelson's rain garden ii

i am terrible at having a blog.

since school ended my thoughts have been so unfocused. it’s been almost impossible to force myself to sit down and type out any of the various blog entries that have flitted through my brain in the last two months or so.

so just break the ice, kate.

i’m percolating a project wherein i get as many people as i can to write me some sort of statement of belief/philosophy. their perspective and approach to the world made concrete in some way through words. the plan is to collect these (hopefully) varied pieces of writing and then spread them all out on a floor or large table somewhere and see what kind of book wants to be made from them. another friend is collecting photographs of peoples altars. he’s thinking of this term “altar” in a really broad sense. i wonder how our two projects might intersect.

i went to a reading yesterday that was a weird blending of worlds for me. it was put on by peers from evergreen who live here and who just published a book that includes stories by people from my past and my present. semi-familiar punks collided with my geeky poet friends. we all stood in a circle and i noticed the varied uniformity of all of our subcultural costumes. we read a story together through a game of telephone that went around the circle. two people wrapped in sheets stood on big rocks in the middle of the sutro bath ruins and alternated different parts of another story. hemingway made a guest appearance in the form of a cardboard cutout and a boom box. the reading was dynamic and affected. i was simultaneously charmed and irritated.

i revel in the conflict.

more things like this should happen.

my mind is so chaotic. there are so many thoughts and ideas shouting from the corners that it’s hard to just settle on one and go with it. weeding through i get overwhelmed and it paralyzes me. i think that’s why i need a community. it’s my community that says, when i’m babbling on about this or that, “kate, that’s a great idea. do it.”


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