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manifest press

it’s been a little longer than i want between entries, but i had “spring break” wherein i exhausted myself going to olympia for an intense friend family reunion and then to los angeles for my paternal grandmother’s funeral. hence the quotes…

anyway, i’ve had a word document open for close to two weeks now that will eventually be a blog entry, but for now it’s just a list that looks like this:

Juliana asks the right kind of questions

surprising response from peers

video as introducing the body

gestures dissected like language is dissected

degradation of the body through printing

a conversation, what are you responding to?

engage with the other parts

does the audience see the typography?

putting on the play as a workshop in and of itself?

how to make a truly participatory poetics

Rodrigo Toscano

there are hard questions to ask

what the fuck do you want to say? language is subjective and personal, the body carries the marks of language, gesture, printing


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