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manifest press

at some point during my final quarter at evergreen i found myself complaining to my faculty leonard schwartz about the fact that i had to keep abandoning work that i wanted to really dig into because of switching assignments. in the previous quarter i had written a paper that i thought was only a fraction of what i could develop it into and was desiring to re-visit that paper as opposed to starting a new one. he wouldn’t let me. he said something like “that’s what grad school is for.”

and dangit, he was right!

a fair amount of the work (more than half) that i’ve done here at mills is in some way a re-visiting of work that i’ve done before. this looping back and pushing forward is also in and of itself a point of reflection for me that is informing the emerging poetics that i’m writing about.

ironically, it’s that second paper, the one i didn’t want to have to write, that i’m re-visiting now, stealing from and re-shaping into my current poetics paper. i’ll share it when i’m done.


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