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manifest press

been working on “is this a text?” to have a draft of a scene or two for workshop on thursday. this is a rearranging of something that was in a draft that i don’t remember writing. i love when that happens.


I don’t want to share, closer to the first step and altern
ating umbers seen from the window of an airplane. join
them as you should. what is in between I believe you,
the obvious rendering of you’re his into rivers.
in and of itself the piece lends itself sun ra itself.

do I get what has to be done alone now me me form, now
I feel high from forgetting, now seduce to noise
as desiring to fling the christ, but normally there
is only one reader. accents keys and voices. numerical second.

breaking and entering: soliloquy dragging the walked.
walked taste behind her sleeps finer balance as time
dissolved this prison. empowering sucks the smoke
from foil the colors, lost in a vague effort meet again
breaking and entering, open and shut

weary precious flesh shapes who am I your lips I yearned,
painted by my bare hands crevice scar bandages go down,
choke hypnotic boisterous finish beginning. beginning.
let’s go blind when tongues touch words in your mouth.


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