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manifest press

“italians have an expression i love: rimanere in forse, to ‘remain in perhaps,’ not to know, for awhile. like keats’ negative capability, it’s a soothing respite from the ‘irritable reaching’ of the intellect toward knowledge and fact. a dispossession of the experience. to stay in perhaps, to linger with the eroticized body of the temporarily or permanently unknown.” -bruce beasley, toward a poetics of monstrosity

returned from austin last night in a cloud. i feel myself drifting in this undetermined space and i’m drawn to a quote like the one above, yet i’m constantly at odds with it. so often adrift, between, undefined, it is sometimes hard to not want to cling to whatever is solid, however inaccessible or disagreeable.

disidentify with my foundation and my future. with your actions towards me and my lingering nostalgia. with basically everything i’m confronted with. most of the time i can easily embrace this queer situation, but sometimes i would like to stand sure.

my friend ben is releasing the demo that i shouldn’t have heard years ago that quickly became one of my favorite things ever: i am a vibrational match


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