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the perfect storm of months of emotional bondage + an outburst of creative stimulation + coffee + weed + claritin d = the amazing sensation of buzzing on the bus and practically running to sit down and type this out.

been thinking obsessively about my thesis recently. what i’m imagining is a hybrid procedural project that can be added too perpetually without end. it’s a text in an open edition, with the word “text” being used incredibly self-consciously in this case. i’m wanting to investigate the intersections of our digital and our material lives. what parts of our lives are tangible and lasting and what parts are temporal, ephemeral, continually dissolving into the ether? i’m imagining all the screens we are constantly peering into as not only pools of self reflection, but mirrors or digital eyes that are also gazing back at us.

how much time do you spend looking at a screen? what is a book?

the other day i filmed myself with my laptop while i was setting type. i’ve been video chatting with people more lately. i’m looking for more everyday places to film myself doing mundane activities, specifically with my laptop. maybe with my camera phone in certain places, but i’m interested in the awkward way in which lugging the laptop around would “mark me.” there are lots of risks involved there, though, because i don’t really want to get my brand new macbook pro stolen from me on the bus, which is where i filmed myself a few nights ago. any suggestions one might have here would be greatly appreciated.

i plan on making a lot of these videos over the next year +, and they will manifest in some way in this hybrid performance text that i’m creating for my thesis. working title, some may recognize: is this a text? a typographically scored performance in which the script/score itself is a part of the performance. this will include multi-media projections as well as a lasting online digital component.

i reject the idea that a tangible book and a digital book are at odds. now how to color that in.

any suggestions ya’ll might have for books/videos/”texts,” etc. that might be interesting for me to look at in this endeavor are highly encouraged.

it’s also just really exciting to go from having a blank slate inside my head to a backlog of blog entries that i’m crafting in drafts. i think i can credit this to 1) the intense amount of emotional/self-work that i’ve done over the last couple months and 2) a much needed creative stimulation i’ve been getting by getting involved in someone else’s film project. thanks, someone.


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