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manifest press

my desk in the graduate print studio

favorite things of 2010 (in poorly recollected, semi-chronological order):

jed johnson: never ever knew what a relationship could really be, nobody’s perfect, but we sure do make a hell of a team

nicky tiso: most productive and rewarding collaborative relationship of the year

white boss/gun outfit/pitted youth/son skull…anywhere, but especially in the phoenix house basement

automatic translation: in david and elizabeth’s living room with them, lionel, and joe

trinacria bar: you were short lived, but at least you lasted until i left

the bread peddler: i miss those motherfuckers so much it’s stupid

my party crew: shit, man, they know who they are, and i feel it’s inapwopwiate to name names

designing modular arterial cacophony/occultations: even though i almost went crazy

working with uche nduka on tracers: or really anything i did with wheelhouse, especially the handful of meetings we were able to have before lionel wandered off to germany

baby sister’s wedding: i didn’t want to be a bridesmaid, but i’m glad i was, and now i can call her megmata (say it fast out loud, it’s such a pleasure)

new york in april: belladonna reading with david, re-connecting with dan and hethre

graduation party at the hood canal: my families both biological and created are amazing

the intense amount of love we got from olympia before leaving: including all the crazy revelations, the crying, the big mistakes, and the recoveries

the caring conversation in david and elizabeth’s living room: maybe i should just put david and elizabeth’s living room

driving to oakland in a uhaul: reading aloud to jed from a prank of georges by thalia field and abigail lang, staring out the window, and not crying like i thought i would

the continuous stream of visitors: makes me simultaneously happy and sad

discovering the amazing poetry scene of the bay: people do house readings here like they do house shows in olympia! TO PACKED FULL LIVING ROOMS! amazing! holy shit, lindsey boldt?! i know you! lisa robertson, rob halpern, david brazil, meeting so many amazing and exciting poets…hopefully next semester i’ll actually have time to access that community

the place for writers: my magical co-workers, super stephanie, “profesh devel,” hiromi ito’s reading (WHAT THE FUCKKKK?), eileen myles’ reading/broadside/conversation/party, halloween, jose’s birthday, rebecca’s birthday, white horse karaoke…

jen bervin: WOW. just. WOW. such an open heart and mind, and such a thoughtful artist.

olympia project: never for money, always for love

oil spill project: when something you feel powerless against destroys something close to your heart make art about it, process process process, i’ll post pictures at some point

the thunder in our hearts: a re-imagining of a very old project into what might be its most appropriate container, more on this to come in the next couple months

the unexpected rigor of my book art program: writing about emily mcvarish’s was here and getting super excited about further exploring/writing through her work, the journal plans that my classmates and i are embarking on, my printing skills are slammin’ now, and i’m amazed at everything i’ve accomplished, kathy walkup is a magician!

all of a sudden my year seems so truncated. so distilled. there’s surely more to remember, but that’s all i’ve got for now.


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